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    We are a Mobile software company specializing in Android experience Apps & games.

    We are programmers in Argentina, trying to develop applications and games that meet the needs of end users.We search utility, which is simple and aesthetically pleasing. Please contact the contact tab if they want to make a comment. Our Apps software can be found in, hospitals and at retail. Amalgame Software is an emerging leader in the Android gaming industry. It develops and/or publishes a variety games.

    Amalgamate specially dedicated to the development of Java applications bitacora13 decide to form alliance dedicated to developing flash games and animations.

We are a young company focused on game development and mobile applications to make the user feel satisfied and happy to use our games and apps Core Values * We believe in being passionate about our work * We believe in asking what our customers want and finding a way to serve their needs directly * We pride ourselves in designing and delivering world class software that maximizes the level of polish and quality for the end-user. * We believe in a strict code of integrity, honesty, and resourcefulness in approaching challenges.



Amalgame dedicado especialmente al desarrollo de aplicaciones java deciden formar alianza con bitacora13 dedicados al desarrollo de juegos flash y animaciones.

Somos una joven empresa enfocada al desarrollo de videojuegos y aplicaciones para moviles con el fin de hacer sentir al usuario conforme y satisfecho de usar nuestros juegos y apps



Amalgamar especialmente dedicada ao desenvolvimento de aplicações Java bitacora13 decidir formar uma aliança dedicada ao desenvolvimento de jogos em flash e animações.

Somos uma empresa jovem focada em desenvolvimento de jogos e aplicações móveis para fazer o usuário se sentir satisfeito e feliz em usar os nossos jogos e aplicativos

Developers / Desarrolladores:


Leandro G. Delaygue


Exequiel C. Catalani.


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Mobile Development
Mobile Development
The market for smartphones and tablets has expanded exponentially over the years. In the business world, companies with existing management tools and intranets begin to see the importance of these systems at their fingertips through access by mobile devices. That's why Amalgame arises ...
Why hire us?
Why hire us?
We are a team of professionals with extensive experience (6 years of experience in the Internet market). We are a fully staffed full-time, do not hire freelancers or outsource our work. We have ongoing training policies, for always optimal tools. We take time to fully understand customer requirements. We provide the best service.